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What can you use the keychain for?

Thanks to the possibility of freely programming the NFC tag, our keychains will be an ideal gift for a loved one or family member. For example, you can program an NFC tag to open a link to a photo album, or to a playlist of your favorite songs when you scan your keychain.

Redirection to the selected photo
Launching the application aplikacji
Sending an SMS message to the contact saved in the keychain with the saved text
Redirection to your social media profile
Redirection to the selected song
Starting a phone call to the phone number saved in the tag
Launching a shortcut from the shortcuts app (IOS)
Redirection to a given address using applications such as Google Maps, Apple Plans, etc.
Redirection to the selected video on YouTube, Tiktok, Instagram, etc
Redirection to the selected playlist

See how our business clients use it

  • A local company specializing in professional car detailing in Lublin. Our key fobs are a nice addition to the service; Gabriel showcases his work and the latest news from the world of car detailing.
    Gabriel Detail Pro
  • Karol creates mobile robots for the educational market for primary schools across Poland. Thanks to our key fobs, he has increased awareness among children and helps build trust in the market.
    Charles’s Robots
  • Bartek runs a company that cleans houses, furniture, and cars. Thanks to our key fobs, he has been able to build a stronger bond with clients and increase visibility on Google.
    Czyszczenie na zawołanie
  • Adrian’s company delivers food in Lublin and the surrounding area. Goobee delivery is a unique organization that has used our product to make ordering food easier and faster for customers.
    Gobee Delivery
  • IGen deals with the sale and service of smartphones and computers. Faster customer service, reservations, and discount coupons for customers are just a few of the solutions for which our key fobs are used, leaving a lasting impression on clients.
    IGen Technologie mobilne i IT
  • Damian, as one of the partners, loves innovation! This led him to implement our key fobs in his company, making it easier to contact partners and promote his brand.
    Doractwo Gruntowe

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How to program a key fob?
Our key fobs can be programmed with any NFC management application, such as "NFC Tools." There is a video on our website that shows this process from start to finish. watch the video
How to read a key fob?
In most cases, our key fob is very easy to use by placing it on the top left corner of the phone. However, to get a full understanding of its operation, watch our video where we show how this process works. watch the video
What is the warranty on our product?
The warranty for the operation of our key fob is 12 months.
What is the delivery time for a key fob?
If the key fob is currently in stock, we will try to ship it on the next business day after ordering. If it cannot be shipped the next day, a low stock message will appear next to the shape in question.
What is the price of a key fob?
The price of our key fobs is 69.99 PLN each. All prices are shown with our products.